Ever-present on the Romanian, and not only, electronic music scene, Cap is one of those artists that would spice up any line-up. Eager to asser himself, he went from listening to music to being an audiophile, from being a vynil collector to a DJ. The transition took place in 2010 and his evolution has been upward ever since.

When mixing, he can easily feel a complexity of feelings, being almost empathetic with his public and adapting himself so naturally to the vibe of the party. Thus, he expands on a very vast musical area, from old-school house to local techno, each genre being correlated to the vibe that the public generates.

Over the past years, his versatility and music selection took him on some of the most important electronic music stages, such as GuestHouse or Space in Bucharest, up to Ibiza Zoo Project, Ibiza Underground, and several appearances at Sunwaves.


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