The Berlin-based Brit Bruno Schmidt has been steadily building a name for himself over the past few years as both a skilled DJ and producer. On record, his productions, which have appeared on Spinning Plates and Toi Toi sub-label Subsequent, are tight, slick and minimalist in approach. Behind the decks, the same essence and understated character seeps through, with a UK-schooled flare and inventive, precise turntablism.

The young musician's journey began at university in Leeds, where he became resident for long-running local event series Louche, before relocating south to London. It was in the capital that he truly found his feet, inspired by new surroundings and faces—Andrew James Gustav and Gwenan to name two, with whom he established the Hifi party series. Throughout it all, he’s also been a devoted proponent and programmer of Meadows in the Mountains, helping to take the likes of Binh and Francesco Del Garda to the Bulgarian countryside festival.

Now, from his new home in the German capital, Schmidt continues confidently along the path he’s been treading for years.