Damian Schwartz is an electronic musician, DJ and performer based in Madrid, Spain, trained in jazz, composition and bass, a cornerstone of his work and compositional approach.

Damian started as a DJ and producer in the early 2000's as part of Madrid’s Net28 platform of labels and artists. Initially influenced by the 90s minimal techno scene, he moved on to a more house derived sound, leading to an extensive series of recordings that rapidly became an international success.

Inspired by New York and Chicago House, Detroit Electro and Techno pioneers such as Juan Atkins and James Stinson, 90s IDM sounds, the 70s wave of minimal composers, and spiritual and cosmic jazz, Damian managed to create a complex yet refreshing sound that’s unique to himself.

Damian runs the dance floor oriented label AHD together with Tresor’s resident J.C. including releases by Fred P, J.C. ; Marcos Cabral or himself as Epiphany; and the more experimental leaning “Equilibrio” together with Giradiscos, which started early 2017 with the highly acclaimed Randomize release “Como Se Divertirán Los Insectos” and a very hot catalog coming out later this year.

In 2016 He premiered his new live set at Electronica en Abril and Villamanuela Festival in Madrid available for streaming