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At Rue de Plaisance, people appreciate crafting. More than a strong affinity, crafting is Rue de Plaisance imprint and what characterizes the label philosophy: Varoslav the label owner wouldn’t know how to do what he does by others mean. It’s not Varoslav’s mother, who runs a bakery at the corner of the iconic and emblematic street of Paris, who would say the contrary. Her son owes her a certain bet for proper and well-conducted work but also a second name, from its Czech Origins, that he uses as an artist name: Varoslav.

Varoslav is now acquainted to the electronic music scene for more than 10 years. As a DJ, this unflagging records digger guides the dance regularly for thousands of electronic music lovers worldwide. Lots of them have let their bodies move under his vibes in Berlin (Cocoon, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Weekend), Ibiza (Space), Lisboa (Lux), London (Fabric, Half-Baked), New York (ReSolute), Roma (Goa), Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival) and for sure, in Paris (Rex Club, Concrete and many more).

It’s the EP inside ways with the d.O.P trio released on Supplements Facts in 2008 that pushed Varoslav as a producer at the front of the electronic music scene. Then, in 2011, he decided to launch his own label called “Rue de Plaisance” (R2P for friends) which is the name of street where he grew up and where his mother still runs her bakery. His label was the opportunity for him to develop a more personal style.

After two maxis all alone (the very deep 100 in 2011 and Help! in 2013) and three collaborations (­­Holding You with Chaim & Erez, Better Talk in 2013 with David K also in 2013, and Forbidden Love with Gaffy & Jaw in 2014), Varoslav marks Rue de Plaisance with his identity and sensibility.

Hudba pokračuje…(and the music keeps on being played)